In less developed countries or regions, individuals come together in supportive communities, which are the conditions for survival. We share, to a certain extent, wealth and rationalize the use of essential resources such as water. We carry out voluntary work that benefits the entire community, we give a helping hand to those in difficulty... This form of solidarity which is part of the culture and of "living together" is accepted because without it, the very existence of each individual would be called into question.

A study has just shown that nearly 50% of the 4 billion tons of food produced each year in the world was not consumed and was thrown away. This is emblematic of a society that no longer has a sense of what waste is. Consumers used to have a notion of the "true" value of things.

It's probably because I grew up in a country where nature was queen, that I am so in love with nature. Rather than talking about it in words, here are some pictures that speak for themselves.